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The cards tell a story.But you write the ending.

Naturally I’m able to tune into how the other person feels, pick up their intentions and feelings and feel them as mine
I have helped many people, i have opened eyes to those who’s partners are cheating… (please check my feedback)

Please take your time before choosing to do this. You might not always like the answer and I do pride myself on honesty so I’ll have to tell you honesty what the cards tell me.

This is my 3 question tarot and psychic reading to which i will pull 1 card and i will give you a short answer of Yes/No to your current question

Are they cheating on you?

Are you falling out of love?
Do you feel like you are putting all the effort into the relationship and not getting anything back?
As human beings we sometimes have disconnection caused by hidden reasons we are unconscious of…..Is he/she “the one”?

Have you found someone you are attracted to but you aren’t sure if he is right for you?
Or perhaps you have a gut feeling, something in your stomach that makes you unsure. Lets face it the people we bring into our life can enrich it or tear it down. And the very difference is choosing the right person. Send me your questions and i will check it out for you

I do not do yearly monthly or weekly predictions!!!

** The results of a reading are never set in stone and any outcome can be changed dependent on your own free will. No guarantees are made and Discerning Tarot are not responsible for any actions taken by an individual as a result of this reading.

*** This reading is provided for guidance purposes only and is not for fortune telling and/or predictions of any kind.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse service upon purchase. While this is rare if it does happen a refund will be given. You must be 18 years of age or older. For entertainment purposes only. Any advice / guidance, it is not a substitute for professional advice that you would receive from a licensed professional such as a doctor psychologist or lawyer. With that being said I am unable to advise on legal or medical issues Aka health issues pregnancy, conception or question such as when or will i have children, or other health problems. I do not do lottery reading. I also do not do spirit guide readings


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